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Mesaieed Patriot SAM site 3D reconstruction

Mesaieed Patriot SAM site overview
Mesaieed Patriot SAM site overview

Qatar started construction on a new Patriot SAM site near the site of Mesaieed in 2018. The site layout looks very similar to other patriot sites that also came up in Qatar during the same time period.

A Patriot SAM battery usually consists of a MPQ-53/65 radar set, an OE-349 Antenna Mast group, A MSQ-104 Engagement Control Station, Generators, Guided missile transporters and 4-6 M901 launchers

MPQ-53 radar

This particular site consists of two radar ramps with possibly two MPQ-53/65 radars. Six launchers are also also visible on site. Usage of two radars is uncommon but is something that is also seen across other patriot sites in Qatar. One possible reason for the might be the MPQ-53/65s 120° FOV. The radar is usually pointed at the direction of a possible threat and doesn't rotate actively. So having two radars enables the battery to surveil a larger area with the combined FOV of 240°.

AN-MPQ-53/65 range radius
AN-MPQ-53/65 Range Radius

M109 launcher
M109 launcher

Reconstructing this site involved modelling several buildings and structures to true scale from satellite imagery and Modelling/texturing several components of the Patriot SAM system. This was a very interesting project to work on as it gave me a opportunity to merge my interest in missile systems with 3d and geoint. I hope to work on similar projects in the future.



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