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Qatar Early Warning Radar (QEWR) Complex 3D reconstruction

Qatar started Construction on their Qatar Early Warning radar Complex (QEWR) in 2018 Consisting of a Raytheon FPS-132 UEW Radar. The site is located near the area of Al-Khor in Northern Qatar. The site layout looks very similar to other FPS-132 sites such as the one in Taiwan.

The FPS-132 Radar which is the heart of the complex has a range of 4828km(3000mi) which enables it to see way beyond the middle east, Covering large areas of China and Russia.

FPS-132 Range
FPS-132 3000 miles range

FPS-132 Radar Closeup
FPS-132 Radar Closeup

Work on this Project Included Modelling the Radar array, The Structure, Support buildings and all other elements of the complex. It also involved Texturing the Fencing, Road and ground.


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