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Korea Future's North Korea Prison Database

For 3 months starting in October 2021, I worked with Korea future a non-profit, non-governmental organization investigating human rights violations in North Korea on their North Korea Prison Database Project which offers users access to a comprehensive and growing archive of violations of international law that have transpired in the North Korean penal system.

The North Korean Prison Database identifies 597 perpetrators linked to 5,181 human rights violations committed against 785 detainees in 148 penal facilities.

Work on this project included 3D reconstruction of the Onsong MPS Detention facility Which is located in North Hamgyong Province, Less than a Mile with the border with China. This is the first, One of a kind look inside this detention facility.

Reconstruction of the detention center was based on survivor testimony, memory-based diagrams, and satellite imagery.

The Detention Facility can be Explored Interactively on Sketchab.

I also helped create two explainer video's which highlight the important sections of the facility and the inhumane conditions detainees are housed in. They can be viewed here and here.

My work with Korea future also led to the project and the Onsong facility being featured on BBC World News.



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