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Expansion activity at Tarnawa Missile Complex

Expansion work observed at Tarnawa
Expansion work observed at Tarnawa

Expansion work has been recently seen at the Tarnawa missile complex in Khyber-

Pakhtunkhawa, Pakistan. Tarnawa has been previously reported to hold facilities related to Missile related Maintenance and production.

The complex has a lot of tall structures which presumably are all fitted with gantry cranes. Newer highbay structures have been observed to be in construction in the south west and south east areas of the complex. New excavations for foundation pillars have been seen at the eastern section and other facilities with retaining walls seem to be in construction in the North-east section of the complex.

Possible underground facility at construction in tarnawa
Possible underground facility being excavated at tarnawa

Interestingly there seems to be a new underground facillity being excavated at Tarnawa, Trees having been cleared in 2019 and excavation work starting in Feb 2020. Spoil piles near the suspected facility have seen significant expansion since May 2021. The wide apparent portal width suggests that this site might have two portals which is something we have seen Pakistan Previously do for facilities at NDC fatehjung and thamewali. All of this expansion with new facilities being built and existing ones being upgraded seem to follow a larger trend of expansion activity at sites all over pakistan.

The Tarnawa missile complex and its expanding facilities are something worth looking out for in the future.



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