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Korea future's
North korean
Detention Project

This first of its kind project gives an inside look into the North Korean detention facility located in Onsong. Created for and with support from Korea Future, The facility was Reconstructed using survivor testimony, memory-based diagrams, & satellite imagery.

Fordow fuel enrichment plant 3d reconstruction

In 2018, Israeli intelligence released a collection of Iranian documents now known as the Iranian nuclear archive, These documents contained never seen before drawings of the Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant. With these documents, I in collaboration with The Intel Lab was able to recreate Fordow as never seen before.

mesaieed patriot site 3d reconstruction

2018 saw a new Patriot SAM site come up near the city of Mesaieed, Qatar. Work on this project included reconstructing various structures along with modelling elements of the Patriot SAM system.

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ASpi's xinjiang data project

ASPI's Xinjiang detention project involved mapping over 380 sites in the network of detention centres that were newly built or expanded since 2017. My work on the project involved reconstructing 4 detention facilities located across Xinjiang.


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